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Some Questions Answered

If you are looking to hire a sun bed from any supplier, we suggest that you consider asking some or all of the following questions before you hire:

  1. What tubes are fitted?
    The latest range of home hire sunbeds offer up to 200 watt for maximum tanning results. Look for at least 160 watt.
  2. How do I know if the sunbed will be effective?
    Ask when the tubes were last replaced. A lot of Sunbed Hire companies will have hour counters fitted so they know when the tubes need to be changed.
  3. Does the sunbed have twin timers?
    Health and safety regulations now state clearly that all sunbeds must be fitted with twin timers. This is very important as if one of the timers fail, the other will switch it off avoiding sunburn injury. If the sunbed does not have twin timers, do not hire the equipment.
  4. Are sunbed goggles supplied?
    Never use a sunbed unless you are wearing sunbed goggles that are new. Used goggles can spread eye infections.
  5. Does the company set the equipment up?
    Never use a sunbed company who does not set up and demonstrate how the sunbed works. Tanning guidelines and safety advice stickers should also be on the sunbed when delivered.