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Much Better Skin by MBS -Local UVB Narrowband Hire

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Hire a UVB Narrowband Unit Today.
All our UVB Narrowband units are fitted with
Phillips TL01 narrowband Tubes, Treatment for
Psoriasis, Eczema, Vitligo, Acne, Sceloderma
Plus Vitamin D Deficiency.


member added on 15 June 2010

Much Better Skin by MBS -Local UVB Narrowband Hire

We hire our Narrowband Units but only in certain North West areas
(within roughly 20 miles of our base in Warrington, Cheshire)

SPECIAL OFFER- full length units normally from £25 per week - REDUCED
to £19 per week for a limited period (minimum 4 weeks hire)

Do You Suffer from:





Vitamin D Deficiency


AVAILABLE NOW – Units using the highly regarded Philips TL01 high UVB
Narrowband tube technology


Try MBS Units containing the market leading Philips TL01 UVB Narrow Band Phototherapy tubes (17% UVB). Use in the comfort of your own home utilising the same TL01/100w high UVB medical narrowband tubes (311nm) used in many hospital units.

Three options available:-

1. Full length canopy type units provides full length coverage.

2. Sunshower type unit, standup up with the tubes all around you. Coverage for front and back simultaneously.

3. Smaller units are available for affected localised areas eg. Arms, face, legs etc.

Why medical narrowband tubes ?

· Course of treatment shorter

· More likely to clear

· Exposure times shorter but of high intensity (usually just
seconds per treatment)

· Longer periods of remission can occur before psoriasis reappears.

Similar treatment to that used in hospitals now available in your own home.

80% of patients cleared within 6 weeks (3 treatments per week).

Buy a unit from only £599. A full length unit starts from £999. We guarantee the best prices in the UK !

We sell all our units nationally, throughout mainland Britain, and
delivery/installation is included in the price quoted.

All units are manufactured in the UK to a high standard and specification and come with a full 12 month warranty.

Our reputation is built upon the success of our units - we do not use UVB tubes imported from China, only the market leading Philips.

Best tubes - better results !

Further general information is available on our website or if you want to speak to someone - help and advice is just a phone call away. We realise this is a significant and possibly life changing investment for you and it's important you get the best service and advice before you make a purchase.

FREEPHONE 0800 612 0954 or if you prefer mobile 07905651717