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TanMan - Sunbed Hire Gainsborough, Lincoln, Boston

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Brand New Sunbeds (August 2017)
Black Shadow - 24 Tube Stand Up Sunbed,
Elite Double Sunbed and Elite Canopy
The very latest 0.3 sunbeds, American Tan Creams

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TanMan - Sunbed Hire Gainsborough, Lincoln, Boston

Welcome to Tanman Sunbed Hire in Gainsborough

Supplying Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Boston, Worksop and all surrounding areas.

Tanman Sunbed Hire located in Gainsborough are ideally located to deliver our Sunbed Hire fleet across a broad area including Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Boston and Worksop. Please visit our Contact Us and view our delivery map.

We are proud to offer the very latest Sunbed Hire Equipment to your home. This comprises the Black Shadow Sunbed , Elite Double Sunbed and Elite Canopy Sunbed.

The Black Shadow Sunbed Hire unit. Launched in 2017 this Sunbed offers an unrivalled tanning experience in the comfort of your own home. The specification includes COOL TANNING for a more pleasant experience. Like all our equipment the tubes are 0.3 Compliant with optimised UVB Output. The Sunbed also offers Low Power/High Energy tubes requiring only one standard plug unlike older Vertical Sunbeds which require two plugs. As you would expect the Black Shadow is finished in Black, with hygienic enamel and sufficient space to stand comfortably whilst enjoying the sunbed experience in the comfort of your own home.

The Elite Double is a modern sunbed designed with the home tanning experience in mind. With 18 tubes, facial booster option and a curved outline providing am even exposure to the UV whilst using the sunbed. Peace of mind is offered with twin timers allowing you to relax on the sunbed knowing that the unit will switch off at the set time.

If you do not have space to enjoy the Elite Double then consider our Elite Canopy Sunbed. This enjoys the benefits of the double unit however it is placed over a traditional bedroom bed, and adjusted to a comfortable height and angle on the stand. Offering options including facial booster, and curved canopy this unit offers excellent value and a comfortable experience whilst using the sunbed as you lie and relax on your mattress at home!

There really is no need to visit a sunbed salon in Gainsborough, Lincoln, Boston or Worksop when you can arrange quality sunbed hire equipment and relax in the comfort of your own home.

Tanman Sunbed Hire take pride in delivering your sunbed on time, setting up and demonstrating safe use of the sunbed hire equipment. Complimentary brand new goggles are supplied with each unit, additional goggles are available for purchase to avoid eye infections (Please ask at time of booking). In addition each sunbed is sanitised at the point of delivery and our Elite Sunbed range are left with complimentary Sunbed solution to use whilst the equipment is on hire.

Tanman Sunbed Hire will not supply to any person under the age of 18, or where we suspect that the hirer may expose an under 18 to the risk of using our equipment. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure compliance with our policy and the law. Photo Identification such as passport, driving licence is required upon delivery in addition to proof of residency such as utility bills or bank statements.

We are also pleased to offer a selection of tan accelerator creams which condition and prepare the skin for sunbed tanning. these are specially formulated and should not be confused with UV protection lotion. Please ask at the time of booking or when you sunbed hire unit is delivered.

We look forward to your call when we will be pleased to assist in helping you make the right sunbed hire choice.

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